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I look out my window to view the beauty of the mountains, the trees , our beautiful yard , the gorgeous water fountain we have and the birds who love to go and sit on driftwood to take delicious sips of the cool running water .......

I walk out on my deck to hear the sounds of it all ....breathe the fresh air and consume the wonderful life that is mine.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Baby , It's Cold Outside

Well, winter, this year has proved to be a very

snowy one !!

It's our first Okanagan Winter and we are loving

the snow falls..

It's been a real change of pace for me, now that

I work at the Day Care and spend time outdoors

with the " After School " group, who love to slide

down the snow banks, build forts with big snow

balls, and throw the occasional snowball at each

other !!

I have also taken some walks down to the lake,

where I live and get some beautiful photos....

It's such a peaceful place here and the snow

cover really makes " postcard " perfect photos.