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I look out my window to view the beauty of the mountains, the trees , our beautiful yard , the gorgeous water fountain we have and the birds who love to go and sit on driftwood to take delicious sips of the cool running water .......

I walk out on my deck to hear the sounds of it all ....breathe the fresh air and consume the wonderful life that is mine.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's Saturday morning and all is quiet around here.
The only sound I hear at the moment is my dishwasher
situated near me..... where I sit at my laptop reaching
out into the computer world of people and places.

I sip on my coffee and ponder what I should do with my
free time this morning, and when should I get to it ?

Should I have another cup of delicious coffee and enjoy
the serenity ?

I think I shall ......

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Moni ((*-*))

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