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I look out my window to view the beauty of the mountains, the trees , our beautiful yard , the gorgeous water fountain we have and the birds who love to go and sit on driftwood to take delicious sips of the cool running water .......

I walk out on my deck to hear the sounds of it all ....breathe the fresh air and consume the wonderful life that is mine.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

heading into winter

I woke up this morning to a sunny, but windy day...

I have not been outside yet, but it looks a bit cold out there.

They are predicting snow later today..... I hope it holds off

for as long as possible....

Today I am heading into town to do some shopping and

meeting up with the X husband to have some papers

notarized ....I have not had this much attention from him

since I don't know

don't get me wrong, its all good. We share 2 wonderful

children together and 6 grandchildren ( the 7th one is in

the making ) !! My X and I got past our upsetting, traumatics

and have been amiable ever since the divorce...

We are both happily married once again, and socialize with

him and his wife on many family occasions... It's quite wonderful

really, and I award us for being strong and mature , for the sake

of our children and grandchildren.... After all, we were each other's

first love, and we will always carry a bond.....

But ...... enough about that !!

Now its' time for me to get ready to venture out in the beautiful

cold, sunny, and windy day....

I wonder what today will bring.....

Enjoy yours :)



  1. Perhaps it's too soon, but I don't EVER see me comfortably socializing with the X and his new wife. I'll be pleasant but I won't like it. Good for you however. :)

  2. Well, its been 22 years since our divorce and that's a long time....
    I'm glad for our children and grandchildren's sakes that we have risen above it all.
    We are going to spend Christmas Day together ... all of us .... well, except for my son, who's wife is not a family get together kind of woman...........But that's a whole other story... hmm.... maybe I will blog about it....Cheers