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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why MY son ?

Why ?
Why is it , that my son is married to a woman who is NOT compatible in our family in any way ?
Why does my son seem to love her so ?
Why does my son not see that none of us like her and what she's done to our family ?
Why has my son allowed this woman to keep him from his loving family ?

I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture here !

My son married this woman some 13 or 14 years ago, after a heartbreaking break up
with his first wife, whom he had 2 beautiful sons with....

He meets his current wife, and they are given full custody from the biological mother
of these 2 boys.

She saw this vulnerable man who was looking for a life with his sons, thought, well,
" Hey this guy needs me " !! I can control him and make him see that he really needs me !!

She saw the opportunity of an instant family and began to " brainwash " all of them !!
Brainwash them to think that their biological mother is NOT a good person, who doesnt love
them and can't care for them like she can.... They need to love her and NOT their mother !!
They need to call HER Mommy and their biological mother by her first name !!

Their auntie ( my daughter and sister to my son ) has a " too close " relationship with these boys,
and she needs to end that immediately..... the way she does that is have my son call his sister and say .............

You have a very abnormal relationship with the boys... You treat them like they're your own, and that's not right...We have decided , that as a family, we cannot let the boys go on a camping trip with you and ( her fiance ) at the time.
We are no longer going to allow the boys to spend any time alone with anyone in the family.
They are upset over the break up of their mother and me and we need to show them that they
are loved and that THIS is their home and WE are their family.
I don't want you phoning them, because you tell them you love them and miss them, and that
gets them upset, so for the time being, don't call and don't expect to have them without our whole family together. He said many cruel and hurtful things then, and in the process , severed the once close relationship they had as siblings. ...... It broke MY heart !!

This same senario also happened with me ( the grandmother ) and with their grandfather !!
If we voiced any opinions to them, about how we don't agree with their decisions, then they
would ignore you and they would screen the phone calls, and never answer the phone...

This woman has taken my son and grandsons away from the family ..... She has encouraged my son and my grandsons to be cruel to their family , beyond belief !!

It has been going on for many years now.

The only way I can stay in any contact with them, is to keep my mouth shut..

It's awful and has come to the point now , that these boys are almost grown up, becoming
We have all been praying each night, that once they are adults, they can leave this home, and come to see their family, and we can tell them the REAL story !!

I never really studied "Brainwashing " and now I am faced with it head on.

They don't allow the family near, they have robbed me of my grandsons......( yes, I could of taken this to court ) but in my heart , I always thought that they wouldn't of carried this on for so long.

This daughter in law of mine , should of been born in the 17th century. She lives in her own little world of obsession !! I hope she can wake up and realize what she is doing !! I am done with her !!

She has changed this man , who is my son, and I know my son is inside that man somewhere !!
I pray that my son will realize that soon !!

I miss my son and grandsons, and I want them back !!

Moni ...............

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